Violence and crime are among the most prominent and controversial antisocial behaviors said to be caused by video games. According to Lawrence Kutner, founder of Center for Mental Health and Media, in his report Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Game, “Our research found that certain patterns of video game play were much more likely to be associated with these types of behavioral problems than with major violent crime such as school shootings.” According to his report, research conducted by his team in 2008 found that the more hours spent playing violent video games, the greater the chance for such behavior to occur. This creates an undeniable link between two.

According to Craig A. Anderson, an American professor and director at the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University, “violent video games are significantly associated with increased aggressive behavior, thoughts, and affect, increased physiological arousal, and decreased pro-social behavior.”

In recent times many violent incidents have been linked both directly and indirectly to video games. Events are sorted by most recent starting at the top.

Alexandra Tobias, a Florida mother, strangled and killed her 3 month old because she would not stop crying while she was playing a game called Farmville. Farmville is a widely played and well known game on Facebook. It is also widely known for being extremely addictive and requiring strict attention. “In the game, users act as virtual farmers, harvesting crops and raising cattle.” The FarmVille Facebook page says the game has nearly 60 million active users (Caulfield).

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